Rhodes Stadium Still Video

A still Video project I did on Rhodes Stadium


Bottle Labels

I had to create two bottle labels for my COM220 class. I had to create a label for a 20 oz bottle of soda and then one of my choice,I chose an 8 oz water bottle, using exact dimensions for both labels and they had to be printable on a 8.5 by 11 piece of paper at 300ppi. I came up with the idea for both of my drinks and then wrote all the information I knew off of the top of my head. Then I found images like a recycling symbol and nutritional facts and added them to fit my label. Finally, I added contact information and a copyright so no one can steal this.

Magazine Cover

I had to make magazine covers for my COM220 class. I had to make the magazine cover look real by using an image in the center and the rest of the pieces of a magazine cover. I chose to create two magazines of my own for the music industry and the technology industry. I used a picture I found online for the music one and a picture I took for the technology one. Then I added all of the text and the bar code to make it look real.

Photo Manipulation

I had to make collages in photoshop for my COM220 class. In each collage there had to be 10 images, layer masks, text, and a background that wasn’t a solid color. I chose to theme my images around movies I liked that i’ve seen or movies that I think i’ll like but haven’t seen. I went on google found the posters for the movies I was thinking about and I put them into photoshop. There, I put them all on one document where I resized and added layer masks to them. Then I added the text and background to finish it up.

Objects and Locations

When I was taking pictures of things of cultural significance to me I chose my phone, my laptop, and my wallet. I chose these things because I use these objects the most and they have a special place in my heart. I put them in various different spots and lighting situations in order to try to get the best pictures. When I was taking pictures of a building, I decided to go to Schar because I think it looks cool, both inside and out. I tried to figure out what would make for interesting pictures from the outside as well as the inside and tried to take the best pictures I could.

There were a few successes in my photographs. The one i’m most proud of is the hallway one that I took in Schar. It looks like a really good image and my center of focus always goes down the hall, which is what I was going for when I was taking the picture. Another success I had was the picture of the iPhone at an angle. I thought that came out really good because it was on the right 3 spaces and it was contrasted by the window.

I did run into a few obstacles while taking these pictures. One was figuring out what makes a good picture. Some things seem really good when you think about them, but when they get translated into images it turns out that what you were thinking may not have been a good idea at all. Another challenge I had was making my pictures not look blurry. I kept adjusting the settings, but sometimes the pictures would continue to come out blurry. I tried a lot of different settings and I listened to my camera’s auto mode sometimes to try too get some good pictures. In the end I think that really helped in this process.

If I could do this assignment again, I would do a few things differently. I would take my pictures earlier. I would likely try to take them in the morning, when the sun is the brightest. I would also try to take more pictures.